Satellite Network: Is It Better Than Cable?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that your time is valuable. I know mine is. So why waste time waiting for old-fashioned dial-up service just to check your email or find a recipe for tonight’s dinner online?

For years I suffered through busy signals, knowing my kids were online doing their “homework” (yeah, right!), and all manner of fooling around and tying up the phone. Then, one day, stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and unable to get through to my husband because of that dreaded busy signal, I made a decision — we were switching to broadband!

Back home (and dry) once again, I stuck to my decision and decided to see what was available. One click of my mouse key and I was bombarded with an array of confusing choices. Each service promised the best features and service, yet who could I trust? After hours of comparison shopping I was more confused than ever.

“So why not use Dish Network?” asked my husband. “We’ve always been happy with their satellite TV service.” What can I say, when the man’s right, he’s really right. We’d had their TV satellite service for years and have never been disappointed, so I started surfing around and looking for some information.

At first, that made things even worse. There’s so much conflicting information out there on Dish Network alone that just figuring out who to believe is half the battle. Lucky for me (and you, too), I found a few great sites that keep on top of all the latest information and deals on Dish Network Internet service. I’ve listed these down at the bottom of this article. Definitely take a look.

Thanks to those sites, I was able to get a super sweet deal and all I can say is WOW! Was I ever surprised when they hooked us up and I noticed the difference between our old dial-up service and our new high-speed (and I mean HIGH speed) Internet service. Who knew that the Dish service could give you so much?

While I may have started out just wanting to free up my phone line, I’ve come to appreciate the other things the service offers like NO MORE WAITING! With Dish’s High Speed DSL Internet Service, we are now always connected and ready to go. Suddenly, doing things on the computer isn’t just fast – it’s fun! I don’t have to waste an entire evening downloading my pictures anymore and can actually talk on the phone while I’m doing it.

But what if you’re like my sister who can’t get DSL in the area where she lives? Don’t worry, Dish has you covered. With the Dish Network High Speed Internet Service powered by Wild Blue via their satellite system, just about anyone, anywhere, can enjoy the service, even if they can’t access DSL or cable where they live.

Like the Dish DSL service that we have, satellite broadband customers can enjoy the speed and flexibility of the system; as many as 5 email addresses included; free installation; free anti-virus and anti-spy ware software and even free spam filtering, all for about the same amount as you were paying before for each thing individually.

So, how do I like my new service? I don’t like it – I love it! NO more standing on the side of the road in the rain anymore with a flat tire. Busy signals are a thing of the past at my house. What a relief!

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